Active Directory Migration

Active Directory Migration

Microsoft Active Directory has become a crucial tool for many businesses. However, much like the information that they serve to manage, the essential software that companies depend on can change dramatically over time, requiring complex processes such as Exchange migrations to upgrade to the latest tools available. Likewise, the needs of the company itself can grow beyond the capabilities of their current systems.

We understand how complex and critical an Active Directory migration can be for your company, and how essential it is to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. This is why we work closely with partners like Quest Software — so that we can utilize the best-of-breed tools for the benefit of our clients. Whether your company is looking to migrate to Active Directory from another platform or perform an Exchange 2003 migration, we have access to both the tools and the resources that will make the process go far more smoothly than you might have expected.

The tool that we use for AD migrations, Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory (QMMAD), not only saves businesses time, it can also save them money. However, you will get the best results if these tools are used by certified consultants under the direction of senior architects.

LeadThem Consulting is here to provide your business with all the migration assistance that you need. Why try to deal with a complicated Foglight performance analysis yourself when we have highly trained and knowledgeable consultants who can do the heavy lifting for you? Take a look around our website to see the breadth of technical services that we offer. Whether you’re facing a NDS to AD migration or you would like an expert to go over your hardware purchase plans, LeadThem Consulting can help you pave the way to a more efficient future.

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