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Migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange can be a complicated process for many companies. Not only is there email data to worry about, but your company may have custom applications that may also need to be migrated. If you need assistance with your company’s transition from Lotus Notes to Exchange, LeadThem Consulting offers the expert technical support that you’re looking for. We use some of the best migration solutions available in the industry, the Quest Lotus Notes migration tools, in order to offer our clients a quick and seamless transition between platforms.

The best way we have found to help our clients migrate from Lotus Notes to Exchange is via the Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange. When performing a Lotus migration, the Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange tool can easily migrate users’ e-mail, calendars, tasks and personal address books to the users’ new mailboxes on the Exchange/Exchange Online server.

If you’re planning a Microsoft SharePoint migration in order to preserve the Notes application content that your company depends on, LTC can also provide assistance. We utilize Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint in order to ensure that all of your data is transferred. This innovative tool can handle both standard and custom Notes applications, meaning that no matter how your business’ application data is currently organized, you won’t have a problem migrating.

While the Quest Notes Migrator tools are very powerful, there is no substitute for experience when it comes to ensuring a successful Exchange or SharePoint migration. This is why all of our Notes Migration consultants are not only certified with Quest Software and Microsoft, they have also architected and led some of the largest and most complex Notes to Exchange migrations in the country.

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