Exchange to Exchange Migration

Exchange to Exchange

Software upgrades are a common occurrence for businesses, but that doesn’t mean that they are a simple process. A Microsoft Exchange migration can be incredibly complicated, especially when you have a wealth of invaluable business data to worry about. However, your worries shouldn’t prevent you from transitioning to a more recent and more powerful version of the software.

LeadThem Consulting is here to help you make that change. We utilize one of the most powerful tools available — Quest Migration Manager for Exchange, part of the unrivaled Quest Migration suite of solutions. We can help you consolidate and restructure your Exchange data, no matter which version of the software you’re currently using.

Quest Migration Manager for Exchange offers a number of benefits that competitors can’t match. Parallel processing helps to ensure that there won’t be any downtime for your network during your Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 migration. Online migration means that restructuring an Exchange environment during the course of regular business hours won’t have any impact on the user experience. Your end users won’t have any problem accessing network folders, e-mail, calendars, and other essential collaborative tools during the migration process.

Of course, having the right tools can only help so much. The key is knowing how to use them. LTC is certified on this Quest Migration solution, meaning that you can trust that the process will go as smoothly as possible, navigating around any obstacles that could hamper the migration if you were working on your own.

LeadThem Consulting offers migration solutions for more than just Microsoft. If you’re facing an NDS migration, our technical experts can easily help you through the process. We can also help you move to Microsoft from another platform. If you need assistance with GroupWise Migrator for Exchange or another migration solution, we’re here to support you. Browse our website to see all we have to offer.

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