Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting is part of our name and its there for a reason, we care and we deliver! LeadThem Consulting understands the difference between a problem and a solution rests with the providing the right people with the right skills at the right time. Our consulting services seek to provide solutions to business problems rather than symptom. Most of our consulting projects are “custom” as we ensure our scoping process gathers all the critical facts to ensure the perfect resources are assigned.

Some of our clients have similar needs and as a result we created some packaged consulting offerings that we have found to be very popular. To learn more take a look at some of our more popular packages below:


Custom Services

If your needs don’t mesh with our regular offerings, we can arrange a scoping call to create a customized engagement for you. To schedule your scoping call, contact us online or call today at (888) 667-2621.


LeadThem consultants are experts in migration practices. If you need an Exchange mail migration done fast and done right, our team will work with you to eliminate the risks and delays while avoiding or minimizing the disruptions to your workflow. Not only do we have access to top industry tools such as Quest Exchange mail Migration Manager for Exchange, we are skilled at addressing the unforeseen issues that may surface during a complex migration project. If you’re uneasy operating Quest Notes Migrator and similar tools on your own, let us handle the hard work for you.

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